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Boston Prices Down 2% in April 2018—Real Estate Trends

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Our monthly property analysis for the Boston area is up on the Torii website. We were very surprised to see that list and sale prices for the area were down 2% month-over-month. For comparison in 2017, March to April was an increase of 8% (see graph below the fold).

The most expensive zip codes by cost per square foot. See here for all the data.


Median list price and sale price were down 2% from March to $524,900 and $540,000, respectively. March saw list and sale prices of $539,000 and $550,000. Median price per square foot was also down to $345 from $358 in March.

Median sale price across Boston, January 2017-April 2018

Median market time was down from 20 days in March to 19 days in April. There was a wide range with the shortest in Newton Center (02459) at 7 days to 67 days in Lynn (01901, 1 sale) and Nahant (01908) at 49 days.

The eleven most expensive zip codes by square foot were all in Boston. They ranged from $913/sf in 02109 to $1,305/sf in 02110. Salem (01970) and Randolph (02368) were the cheapest at $188 and $216, respectively.

See our whole analysis for April 2018 here. If you’re getting ready to buy, get in touch.

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