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HomeBuzz: Comment on Homes for Sale

Is it just me, or are social feeds filled with homes lately? From my mom texting me pictures of her new kitchen cabinets to my partner sending me trailers for the new season of Selling Sunset, there’s a lot of real estate buzz out there.

Everyone has an opinion on that new property down the street– “nice lawn”, “not enough shelf space”, “literally, wouldn’t change a thing”–and while our thoughts may differ, it’s clear that people want to have a conversation about homes. That’s why we built HomeBuzz, a new Chrome extension that allows you to rate properties, leave comments, and see which homes are trending online.

Video Demo of the comments section in the HomeBuzz Google Chrome Extension

How does it work?

  • Simply, download HomeBuzz Extension, and don’t forget to pin it to the browser on the top right!
  • Then, head on over to the Torii Homes website and enter your search. (Read about how our product team is developing an intuitive way to search.)
  • Go to any property and tap the HomeBuzz icon on the right side of your screen. The HomeBuzz sidebar will appear, allowing you to join in on the buzz and comment on that listing.
  • Click the ‘Trending’ tab to see which homes have the most comments and ratings.
  • Click the ‘Leader’ tab to see which user is creating the most buzz.

Now you can read what people are saying about homes near you, not just the listing agent’s heavily biased description. HomeBuzz works for any property on Torii, Zillow, or Redfin and you’ll see the same comments regardless of which site you’re using.

Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store now and comment below what you think!