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How Much Can I Save Using Torii vs. Redfin?

We are frequently asked what the difference is between Torii and Redfin in regards to savings, so today we’re breaking it down to show you exactly how much you can save when you use Torii vs. Redfin to buy a house.

On average, a home buyer will save $5,249 MORE when buying a house with Torii vs. buying with Redfin. What could $5,249 buy you? A kitchen full of new appliances, an entire house of new paint, brand new windows, or even your own backyard hot tub! Or you could give that $5,249 to Redfin. Who needs brand new kitchen appliances anyway?

We investigated the savings at different house price points, too. Whether you’re buying at a $500,000 or $2,000,000 price point, you’ll save more using Torii.

Both Torii and Redfin provide you with a licensed real estate agent to assist in your transaction, but Torii also provides you with a real estate attorney and other services, saving you more in total than Redfin does. We should also note that in Redfin’s disclaimers they mention that their refund is not available in all areas, where Torii currently allows for all purchases in MA and CA to be eligible for refund.

In short, you’re going to save A LOT more money working with Torii than you will with Redfin.

If you’re curious to know more about working with Torii, check out our “How it Works” section on our site. You can also easily schedule a call with one of our expert agents to discuss your specific needs.

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