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Introducing the Torii Rebrand

Today, we’re incredibly excited to be launching our rebrand!

Some things you’ll notice right off the bat – a new logo, tons of vibrant color, the expressive fonts, and some snappy copywriting – but it’s deeper than that, so we wanted to explain a bit more about what this new look means for where we’re headed.

A new icon

Our new icon is a minimalistic depiction of a home, abstracted into three areas, each representing a core component of what homebuying means to us – Personalization, Simplicity, and Community.

1. Personalization. Homebuying cannot be a cookie-cutter process. What makes a house a home is different for everyone, so the experience must be deeply personalized as well. From the Torii real estate agent you work with from search to close, to customizing your home search down to which room appears first on each property you see in our app, we’ve thoughtfully reinvented every aspect of the buying process so it’s tailored just for you.

2. Simplicity. Traditional real estate is a notoriously complicated and fragmented industry, so we combine our expert team with intuitive technology to deliver a seamless buying experience. The Torii Dashboard centralizes every aspect of the home buying process on one simple platform. Searching for homes, scheduling showings, submitting an offer, tracking your purchase, buyer education, and round-the-clock access to your Torii agent and our support team  – we’ve got it all and more.

3. Community. It takes a village when you’re buying a new place. There are a lot of different parties involved throughout the transaction – agent, lender, attorney, inspector, mover… the list goes on. But we’ve made things incredibly easy by bringing them all under one roof to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and everyone’s interests are aligned with yours.

Our fonts

Our new primary font is Sharp Grotesk by Sharp Type. It’s inspired by the wonky letters of 20th Century American wood type posters mixed with the clarity of Swiss design. Sharp Grotesk offers a bold, versatile, and robust typeface that successfully reflects our team’s, and company’s, personality and attitude in our headings and designs.

We pair it with Poppins, a geometric and crisp typeface by Indian Type Foundry. Poppins is used on our body copy to smooth out Sharp Grotesk’s big personality and make our main copy and information clear and approachable.

Color palette

Our new color palette is inspired by the warm, natural colors we find in our homes. From the wooden floors to the view from an open window, and even a few items from our weekly grocery lists. This palette helps us remain grounded and empathetic while opening up new opportunities to be uniquely expressive and bold.

A home for all things home

It’s been five years since we launched Torii and we’re so proud of all that we’ve accomplished leading up to this point. To us, this rebrand represents a fresh start, and now, we’re so excited to say we have something that exemplifies what we’re all about. We’ve built a brand that we hope will help inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves and reinforce the incredible home buying experience that we’re creating together. We cannot wait to show you more.  

Our brand builders

None of this would’ve been possible without our exceptional team of creatives, artists, designers, operators, and writers.

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