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It’s Launch Day! Announcing Blockchain Home Registry (BHR) from Torii

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Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Blockchain Home Registry (BHR).

For more than five years, the team at Torii has been building innovative technology for the real estate industry. In that time, we’ve met countless amazing people and teams creating new and exciting products and services in the space. We’ve made it easier to buy, sell, and own a home — but we’re not done yet.

For all the innovation that’s going on, the real estate industry remains as fragmented and protectionist as ever — almost always at consumers’ expense. It’s shocking that you can own your home but not have easy access to its data. There is a wealth of data related to your home that you must pay for. Some of this data is completely inaccessible to homeowners. That’s why we’re building BHR.

Take Control of Your Home’s Data with BHR

Blockchain Home Registry is a collaborative DeFi standard and platform that allows homeowners to claim a verified NFT of their property. This gives homeowners privacy-controlled access to a permanent, transferable historical record of their home. 

You can think of BHR as a lifetime-access CARFAX for homes on steroids. Blockchain technology has interested us since 2011, but we’ve always had a healthy dose of skepticism as well. There are many projects in the space that care more about the creation of wealth than providing real utility to consumers. The latter is something that we care deeply about and has been core to our strategy. 

Blockchain Home Registry and the Future of Real Estate

In addition to your home’s record, organizations across real estate will build services and integrations on top of BHR. These organizations will add data to and consuming data from the network. Homeowners will not only have access to this data. They will also have the ability to add data to their home record and monetize that data on their own terms. We believe if you own your home, you should own its data too. Building BHR as a collaborative standard will completely reshape the real estate industry while ensuring that homeowners are at the center of it all. 

We can’t wait to share more with you about BHR over the coming weeks. To claim your home’s verified NFT, please visit our website –

For a limited time, claiming your home’s NFT is free when you use the code FREE50.

If this is your first NFT purchase, our team is more than happy to help you get your crypto wallet set up. We will walk you through the entire process. For help, questions, or feedback, email us at

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