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Live in Devens, MA

Happy Veterans Day! Did you know that you can now live in Devens, the former military base first established in 1656 – turned civilian town in 2011?

A Devens townhouse that once housed generals of the military

Devens has an interesting history, established as a military base in 1656 by Major Simon Willard, commanding officer of the Militia of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was used during the Civil War for Camp Stevens, home of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Later, Camp Devens was established in 1917 for training soldiers during World War I. During World War II, Fort Devens had a massive building project ($25 million), including more than 1200 wooden buildings for a reception center for all men in New England who would serve one year as draftees.

There was some military presence on the base after World War II, but Fort Devens was permanently closed in 1996. Devens now exists as a residential and business community. Many of the former military buildings have been renovated or reconstructed, and developments include a growing business park, a golf course, a hotel, several restaurants and schools. Devens became a legally incorporated town in 2011. Schools designated for Devens include the highly sought-after Bromfield School (public schools for Harvard, MA).

Properties are mostly in the $250,00-$400,000 range.

Some current listings in Devens include:

11 Walnut Street – 3 bedroom townhouse

27 Walnut Street – 4 bedroom grand townhouse

94 Grant Road – new development