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New on Torii! Transportation and Sound Scores

Anyone who has bought a home knows that one of the most important considerations is the location. How loud is the neighborhood? Is it going to be easy to commute to work? What kind of public transportation is available?

After all, choosing wisely can mean the difference between a great night’s sleep or lying awake in bed listening to the commuter rail honk its horn every half hour. ????

The problem is home buyers, often, won’t be able to truly know what a neighborhood is like until they’re actually living there. Our expert real estate agents will always recommend that you visit and explore an area that you want to live in at different times throughout the day (rush hour, weekend nights, etc.) to get a sense of the overall vibe. Even still, this can be a big-time sink and schedules don’t always make this level of diligence possible.

That’s why, at Torii, we’ve integrated Transportation and Sound scores into all of our listings.

Transit Scores displayed on a iphone screen.
Transit scores allow home buyers to compare homes based on factors that affect commute, sound score, and more.

The Walk Score® measures walkability, public transit availability and evaluates if a location is good for biking based on factors such as distance to amenities, number of intersections crossed, frequency of public transit, number of nearby hills, and number of bike lanes. Soundscore™ is determined based on air traffic, local sources (restaurants, schools, stores, etc.), and vehicle traffic (applying the Federal Highway Authority’s Traffic Noise Model).

It’s easy! To view the individual scores for any home listing:

  • Go to the Torii and use our AI-powered search to look through homes.
  • Click on a property you like to see its full listing page. 
  • On the top navigation bar, click/tap the “Neighborhoods” tab

The scores give home buyers more insight into their home search, allowing them to find their perfect home faster. 

To try the feature, download the Torii Real Estate app on IOS or Android. Let us know what you think of this feature by dropping a comment below. More product updates coming soon, stay tuned!