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What to do at an open house

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Walking into an open house can be intimidating. Today we’re sharing the Torii team’s top tips for an open house. Whether you’re just starting to look or have been looking for a while, attending open houses is a great way to figure out exactly what you want and don’t want in a house.

  • Take pictures as you walk through the house to remember the layout. (This is especially helpful if you are visiting multiple houses the same day.)
  • Try to look past the cosmetic stuff, like paint colors, wallpaper, or the sellers’ furniture, because those are easy to change. Focus on the house layout, the amount of natural light, and the age of any updates, like kitchens and bathrooms. You know, the things that would cost you $$$$ to change.
  • Take notes, including any questions you might have for the listing agent.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask if there’s anything negative in the history of the house that you should know.
  • Check for water lines on the ceilings and/or in the basement.
  • Test the water pressure. 
  • Ask about HOA fees or if there are any restrictions on changes you make to the property (e.g. In some areas designated historical, property owners must choose from a limited palette of approved exterior colors).
  • Take a walk or drive to areas of interest (the grocery store or T station) to see what the extended area is like. In doing so, you can see what your commute or daily activities would entail.
  • Don’t be intimidated by other attendees. You might be in the company of interested buyers, but they might also just be nosy neighbors!

Above all, open houses are a great way to learn what you want and don’t want in your home purchase. If you haven’t yet decided on the things you must have in a home, visiting open houses will help you make that list. Visit homes that are different styles, ages, and layouts… You’ll be surprised how quickly you can determine what you want and don’t want!