Storii Time Ep 1: Introducing Storii Time

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In the first episode of Storii Time, VP of Torii Homes, Saad Munir, explains his passion for real estate and how Storii Time came to be.

Hi everyone, Saad Munir here. Welcome to Storii Time! A brand new podcast about all things real estate. I’m so excited to be launching this and sharing my real estate expertise with you. I’m the Vice President of Torii Homes and a licensed realtor in the state of Massachusetts. Torii is a tech-based real estate brokerage operating in the Greater Boston Area.

Now what is this show about? 

This show is about all things real estate, whether you’re an agent, a broker, an attorney, a buyer, a seller, a renter, or anyone else impacted or interested in the housing market.

The goal here is to educate, motivate, and of course entertain the Storii. We’re gonna have episodes twice a month. The first time, I’ll be doing the episode on my own. The second time, I’ll bring on a guest. We’ll start with a quick intro: introducing the topic and my guest if I have one. We’ll share some relevant news or recent happenings related to that topic. As a jumping-off point, we’ll do some discussion related to that topic, and then we’ll finish off with the story of the week. That’s basically going to be using our personal experiences to share what’s happened recently, related to that topic, in our day. 

So why am I doing the show? 

I love real estate and believe it is unequivocally the best investment money can buy, especially in Greater Boston (but that’s a topic of another day).

I’ve gotten some positive feedback regarding my Storii Time posts on Instagram, where I share stories from my client experiences, different offers I’ve submitted in the market, inspections, etc. I thought it was time to make it more regular, actually have some discussion around these topics (and possibly some debates), rather than just writing something out and ideally help more real estate professionals, homebuyers, sellers, investors, and generally more people interstate in the world of real estate.

Okay, so a little bit about me.

I’ve been interested in real estate since 2007, my last year of undergrad, when I took an interest in personal finance. Professionally, I’ve been in sales my whole career–financial services, various tech startups, and I worked for a couple of larger companies,as well. I did some consulting along the way, including for Torii itself before I joined the company as a full-time agent, back in February of 2021. I was born in Pakistan, but I’ve lived in Greater Boston my entire life, did undergrad and business school here. 

My wife and I we bought our first place in 2013, our first investment property in 20217 and we’ve purchased a couple more since. I say that to make the non-trivial point that I became an investor long before I became an agent. So when I say I love real estate, I truly mean it. It’s not just a career, it’s not just something I like to talk about. It’s my passion and I live it every single day. 

So why do I think real estate is so cool? 

Real estate is essentially the oldest asset class ever, right? People have been fighting over land for as far as the history books go back, and there’s a reason for that. It’s not as sexy as a stock market (when things are good at least), or cryptocurrency, or NFTs (if you’re into that), but it works. So understanding it and embracing it is an absolute must if you want to really build a solid financial foundation for yourself and for your family

Now, goals for the show. 

I’m gonna share my opinion, as will my guests. Some of the topics will be geared toward helping agents and others will be for buyers, sellers, or both, others will be more general. But I promise you’ll get something out of each one. 

Regardless of your place in the real estate world, you won’t agree with everything said, and that’s okay. Feel free to reach out directly to me with questions or to challenge me on anything. I will answer openly and honestly. 

But most importantly take one, learning away with every episode you choose to listen to. They aren’t gonna be long episodes. They’re not going to draw out. That’s not my style, and quite frankly, I can’t listen to myself for that long. But if you take one learning away, one tidbit, I’ll have done my job. The goal here is to learn first and foremost, and by the way, if there’s a topic you want to be covered leave it in the comments or email us. We’ll do our best to incorporate it. 

So again, Storii Time. Hosted by me two times a month. Please tune in, subscribe to the podcast itself, follow me on Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn or both. We’ll be posting timings and topics, and the guests for each episode in advance. And I’ll even give folks the opportunity to submit questions in advance so we can cover some of these hopefully during the episodes themselves.

Thanks for tuning into Storii Time and until next time, I”m Saad Munir. 

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