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The New Standard of Real Estate is Here.

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We’ve been working tirelessly the last couple of months to bring you what we think is the next step toward revolutionizing homebuying. This week, we’re incredibly excited to release the brand new Torii website. In addition to the crisp new look, we’ve fundamentally improved everything about our service. Now when you use Torii, this is what you can expect:

  • Make an offer on a home through our mobile app or online.
  • All services (agent, attorney, inspector, etc…) provided and paid for.
  • A whole bunch of savings

Now that’s different, right? We’re so glad to finally be able to share everything with you and there’s way more coming down the line. Our mobile app (iOS and Android) has just been submitted to Apple and Google for review and will be available to download in the next couple of days.

On top of everything, we’ve just closed a round of funding which gives us ample runway to get the word out about Torii and continue to make more improvements on the product and service. We want to make the best homebuying experience around, so as always, any and all feedback is welcome. Check out the site here —


The Torii Team

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