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Torii Feature Updates: New Homepage Look, Favorites, and More

We’re always working to make our app and website more user-friendly, with fun and helpful features! This week we released a bunch of new updates that will help make your home search easier than ever. >>>

Homepage: New Look

Our homepage has a new look! We also added a slider bar to show how much you can save when you buy a home with Torii. Looking at houses in the $1 million range? You’ll save about $8,291. Looking around $500k? You’ll save about $6,284. Try it out!

Random Home: Buttons!

If you haven’t used our Random Home tool yet, you’re missing out. Give a maximum price, and you’ll see random houses across the state of MA that are currently on the market. It’s a great way to see how much house you can get for a certain price in different towns! Random Home now lets you “favorite” or say “nah” to houses by using the green and red buttons. If you’re on Random Home via the Torii app, just swipe left or right!

Favorites and Deleted Properties

Now you can easily see which properties you’ve favorited (or deleted) on web. If you use the app’s swiper feature (sort of like Tinder but for home buying), this will show you in one place where your favorites are. And just in case you want to go back to the properties you said you didn’t like, those are here, too!

Other updates this week:

???? Face ID/Touch ID log is now supported in the app

???? Now when you type in an address to search, we’ll show you listings around that map point OR a listing for that specific address (if one exists)

More updates coming soon!

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