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Tate & Kyle

Boston, MA

Saved $7,998

Incredible from start to finish

I truly don't know how anyone can buy a home without Torii. SERIOUSLY. The business model is brilliant, the people are incredible and from start to finish, they made the process an absolute breeze. We cannot say enough amazing things about Torii. As first time home buyers we had no idea what we were doing, but the Torii team of experts helped us every step of the way. Mike is a rock star and we felt so incredibly comfortable knowing he was guiding us through this journey with such a phenomenal team behind him. Did I mention they will pay part of your closing costs? I mean...WHAT?! INCREDIBLE. There is literally no reason why you shouldn't stop what you're doing and reach out to Torii to help you with finding your home sweet home. Not only will you not be disappointed, you will be ECSTATIC and wondering why you didn't reach out to them sooner.

Patrick & Sally

Salem, MA

Saved $5,785

I can't imagine buying a home any other way

The recommendation to use Torii to buy our first home was without a doubt the most useful life advice I have ever received. Our agent Jason was friendly, very responsive to all of our questions, and gave excellent advice from start to finish. The whole process felt streamlined so we were able to close a week earlier than expected, and we saved a pile of cash as well. I can't imagine buying a home any other way.


Venice, CA

Saved $11,080

The future of buying a home

Torii is the future of buying a home. Not only did I save money, but my agent Sebastian genuinely had my best interests at heart and went above and beyond to get me info and close the deal. Thanks guys!


Oakland, CA

Saved $6,919

Trustworthy and knowledgeable

Throughout this process I have worked with multiple companies in an effort to purchase my home. I switched over to Torii and it was a great experience from start to finish. It was a pleasure working with trustworthy, knowledgeable people you can depend on.


San Francisco, CA

Saved $7,957

ALWAYS going above and beyond

Buying a home in the Bay Area is not easy; it seems like it's only gotten more difficult recently. I am so,so thankful that I found Torii and contacted them for help. Throughout the process of searching for a home, the Torii team was kind, helpful, patient, and highly responsive. We really cannot believe our incredible luck in having the most outstanding agent, Jarman Marougi, on our side. In a market where homes can get multiple offers hours after being listed, Jarman was always on top of things -- getting us same-day showings and ALWAYS going above and beyond. I truly believe her skill at negotiating is what put us over the top and allowed us to purchase the home of our dreams (despite another offer coming in higher than ours!). And just a week after we closed on our home, we received a wire with the closing costs refunded -- amazing! I would recommend Torii to anyone -- they'll give you the edge you need as a buyer, and some financial breathing room after you move in with the painless refund of your closing costs.


San Jose, CA

Saved $11,462

Truly grateful

Trying to buy a home in the Bay Area had been a nightmare. I am a normal working adult and could not compete with all these cash offers and people offering 100K or more over asking. Too many buyers and not enough inventory is the reality of the real estate market in San Jose. If it was not for my all star agent Jarman at Torii, I would have given up. She walked me through the whole process and was extremely supportive. When I felt dishearten from being outbid on a house, she was there to offer me sound advice and encouragement. She even replied to my emails at 6 AM. Any disclosures I asked for I got. They say you end up in the home you belong in and I know I got that home because of Jarman. She fought for me and trust me when the home has 11 offers you want someone who is willing to call, text, and email the listing agent. I am truly grateful to Jarman for getting me into my first home!!! Also ask about the Torii rebate. 10/10 would recommend Jarman and Torii to anyone searching for a place to call home.


Oakland, CA

Saved $8,768

Couldn’t have done it without Torii

We are so happy with our new home and it was a wild journey to get here. We did really realize how crazy things were in the Bay Area when we started, plus there was the pandemic going on. I appreciated that we could trust Jarman (our Torii agent) to be honest, straightforward, non-judgmental and also super responsive and flexible. She cared about helping us find the best fit for us, and being on the same page meant we could enjoy ourselves and have a lot of fun looking at houses together. We appreciate her patiently answering SO many of our first-time buyer questions too and being generous with relevant and timely advice. Jarman helped us narrow our search early so we could be efficient with limited time - checking out disclosures, focusing on our favorite places and avoiding snags. We adapted quickly to the speed of the market for getting offers in, and Jarman helped us keep track of tasks and dates. Hot tip to future clients - listen to Jarman’s advice ;-). We found the perfect spot we’re really grateful to be settling in and enjoying family time. We couldn’t have done it without Jarman and Torii!

Jordan & Sarah

Norwell, MA

Saved $5,641

Can’t recommend enough!

My wife and I recently used Torii for the purchase of our first home. The service from our agent Jason Carter was exceptional, and his team made the often stressful and confusing process extremely easy. I can't recommend their services enough to first time homebuyers.

Trevor & Jacob

San Francisco, CA

Saved $9,269

Great experience!

We worked with Jarman at Torii on both selling and buying our place at the same time. We highly recommend Jarman, whose positive attitude and great experience guided us through a very intense time of trying to sell and buy at the same time. Jarman was a friend, therapist, and worked side by side with us every step of the way. We can’t thank her enough for helping us realizing our goals!

Matt & Hilary

Scituate, MA

Saved $5,448

Excellent experience

We had an excellent experience working with Torii on our home purchase. As it was our first time, we really appreciated the responsiveness and service. Jason was also very helpful in referring us to a great lender and attorney, which really simplified things for us. In addition, it was awesome that they paid for closing costs. We would highly recommend Torii.

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