Our Story

"My dog threw up in my car and I got lost." This is what James (Torii's CEO) heard over the phone as he waited for his real estate agent at a house showing they had scheduled earlier that week. The agent never showed up, so James decided to go it alone and submit an offer.

The offer was accepted, but due to issues caused by vendors involved in the purchase, he was unable to close on time and had to spend the entire weekend in a hotel. To add insult to injury, the agent was still paid thousands of dollars, despite having been little to no help throughout the entire home purchase.

Let's be real. Home buying for most people is a painful, frustrating, and scary process. Stories like James' are all-too-common for home buyers. We believe that this doesn't have to be the case. Born out of frustration for an ineffectual and archaic system, Torii has reimagined the entire way people buy homes from top to bottom, search to close.

We've streamlined the home buying process by integrating the power of automation and machine learning with the personal touch of human-to-human customer service. Our licensed real estate team continuously receives 5-star reviews for its flexibility, responsiveness, and knowledge of the real estate market. Our intuitive platform allows users to search for a property, submit an offer, and track their progress, all from their phones. Why buy a home any other way? This is the new standard of real estate.

Torii is fully licensed to operate specializing in homes for sale in California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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