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Greater Boston Home Sales in December 2019

Each month we publish a Monthly Market report, which shows home listing prices and sale prices for the previous month. (You can use the Monthly Market tool free on our site to see how each zip code’s sales have changed month to month.)

December 2019 Home Sales in Greater Boston

Lowest listing price (by total amount in $): Lynn (01901)

Lowest sales price (by total amount in $): Lynn (01901)

Most homes sold in December 2019: Three-way tie among Quincy (02169), where the most homes were also sold in November 2019; Boston (02127); and Salem (01970)

Highest number of days on market: Boston (02109) at 144 days

Lowest number of days on market: Lynn (01901) at 12 days

Lowest price per sq ft: Lynn again! 01901

Highest price per sq ft: Boston’s Seaport (02210) is back at the top of the list at a whopping $1,579 per sq. ft. The number of units sold in December is impressive at that cost.

Where does your city or town fall? See other interesting data points at the Monthly Market report, free to use!

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