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New on Torii: Showings Calendar

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average buyer searched for their new home over the course of eight weeks in 2021. Each home buyer looked at “a median 8 homes and viewed 3 of these homes entirely online.” Almost all home buyers – 95 percent – used online tools like our Homebuyer’s Dashboard during the search process. Writing for Rocket Homes, Victoria Araj notes that 45% of buyers who purchased a new home last year attended a live virtual tour and 55% attended a pre-recorded virtual tour. 61% attended an in-person showing. With many prospective home buyers attending virtual showings as well as in-person tours, online tools that help buyers stay organized are game changers. That’s why we added a Showings Calendar to our Homebuyer’s Dashboard. 

Introducing the Torii Showings Calendar

Keep track of the time and status of all your showings and open houses, optimize your schedule, and ensure that you don’t accidentally double-book.

Managing all these showings – both virtual and in-person – on top of work, childcare and other responsibilities can add to your home buying stress. In this red-hot seller’s market, it can be even more difficult to keep track of all the showings and open houses you plan to attend. Now with Torii, you can easily manage all your home tours from the new Showings Tab on your Dashboard. Pretty soon, home buyers will be able to integrate our Torii Showings Calendar with their personal calendars. You will also be able to share calendars between co-buyers.

Never miss another showing or open house! Try out the new Showings Calendar by clicking here.