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Torii Tools: Comps Chomper

NEW from Torii, Comps Chomper finds the most accurate comparable properties to help you decide exactly how much that house is worth

Torii build Comps Chomper, the first real estate comps tool for every home buyer

We want our home buyers to have everything they need, so we built Comps Chomper, a brand new tool to help in your home buying journey. Comps Chomper is the first of its kind, built for every home buyer (not just for real estate agents).

What is Comps Chomper?

Comps Chomper instantly provides the most accurate comparable properties in Massachusetts.

Why should I use Comps Chomper?

Comps Chomper is useful if you are trying to figure out exactly how much a house is worth in the current real estate market. It’s a more accurate number than Zillow’s “Zestimate,” if you are familiar with that estimate of a house’s worth.

How do I use Comps Chomper?

Enter a property address for a house currently on the market in MA. Comps Chomper selects recently sold properties based on the property address you entered. You can then make changes to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage, and the distance from the property you entered. You’ll see a price estimate based on a number of properties listed. You can choose to remove certain properties if they don’t fall into the correct zip code (just uncheck the blue check mark!), if the updates aren’t as recent as with other properties, or if they’re outside of a particular building, etc.

What can I do with this information?

Comps Chomper is meant to help you, the home buyer, find comparable properties. By narrowing down the comparable properties Comps Chomper gives you, you’re able to determine a market price for a house currently on the market in MA. This is helpful information if you are considering putting in an offer on a property. (Of course, when you’re ready to put in an offer, your Torii agent will be right with you putting together the offer. Your agent will then present the offer to the listing agent, so you don’t have to worry about doing this part!)

Ready to look up real estate comps?

Try Comps Chomper! It’s free to use and is currently available on the Torii site and in the Torii app (on iOS and Android).